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Weed Wonks Podcast: Catching up with some of the nation’s top cannabis attorneys ahead of Cannabis Law Institute 2024

June 17, 2024

Strategies 64’s Weed Wonks podcast featured a special two-part episode with some of the nation’s top cannabis attorneys ahead of the annual Cannabis Law Institute conference hosted by the International Cannabis Bar Association.

In part one, S64’s Jordan Wellington talks to current INCBA Board President Jason Horst, managing partner of Horst Legal Counsel, and INCBA’s founding president, Shabnam Malek, who is chief legal officer of national cannabis brand 1906. They discuss the legal complexities of a state-regulated but still federally illegal industry, as well as trademark law in the cannabis sector and what it means when lawyers “find their tribe” in the cannabis space.    

Part two features a conversation with INCBA Board Member Amber Littlejohn, who is of counsel at Ice Miller, and a founding INCBA board member, Mitzi Vaughn, who is a shareholder at Karr Tuttle Campbell. Jordan talks with them about the policy implications of rescheduling, the incremental process of cannabis legalization and normalization, and the difference between cannabis policies that sound good and those that will actually be effective.

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