Strategies 64 in the News: Colorado Springs Gazette

Strategies 64 partner Mason Tvert was quoted in a Colorado Springs Gazette story about El Paso County’s large number of licensed medical marijuana cardholders.

Although sales of medical marijuana have been declining across Colorado since high use during the pandemic, El Paso County continues to lead the state, by far, in having the most medical marijuana cardholders.

As of March, Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Registry program lists 22,634 patients countywide, according to the state Department of Public Health and Environment.

That’s about 3% of the county’s population and more than triple the amount of medical cardholders in Denver County, which is comparable in overall population. Denver County’s count last month was 7,327 registrants — about 1% of its population.

There’s a simple reason for the numbers, said Mason Tvert, spokesman for Colorado Leads, a cannabis industry organization.

“Colorado Springs has repeatedly refused to regulate the sale of adult-use cannabis, and as a result many people are still relying on medical cannabis cards to access cannabis legally and safely,” he said.

“There are a lot of localities that have not regulated adult use, but they make up a fraction of the state’s overall population,” he said. “Local communities increasingly have been lifting prohibitions and choosing to regulate these businesses and collect the taxes.”

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