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S64 in the News: Colorado Public Radio

July 8, 2024

Speaking on behalf of Colorado Leads, Strategies 64 partner Mason Tvert appeared on Colorado Public Radio to explain the steady decline in medical cannabis licenses and sales in recent years.

“As cannabis has become more accessible and available to adults who are looking to use it for a medical or non-medical purpose they’re less likely to go through the process of seeking what’s essentially a permission slip from the State of Colorado,” said Tvert.

Tvert said that doesn’t mean that medical will totally vanish. Many patients may have a strong relationship with a doctor, and it’s a relatively easy and cheap process to renew their state registration. He predicts that pharmaceutical companies will develop new products from cannabis, especially once it is rescheduled by the federal government. 

Many patients will stay in the medical market because of cost. The taxes on medical sales are a small fraction of many additional taxes levied on recreational marijuana purchase.

“When you look at medical patients who are having to use consistently, on a daily basis, they may be far more likely to go through that process,” Tvert said. “Because they’re going through much more product and therefore they’re saving a lot more money.”

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