Good policy. Good politics. Good product. Good people.

Our mission is to promote the common good—public health, safety, justice, compassion, and economic opportunity—through sound, sensible, and equitable policy that advances legal markets and regulated industries in a responsible and dynamic manner. We are eager to work with businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals who share these values and objectives.

Good Policy

We believe public policy should reflect the public interest and strike a reasonable balance between protecting public health and safety and promoting equity, civil liberty, and economic opportunity. It should be fair, logical, evidence-based, and intellectually honest.

Good Politics

We act honestly, genuinely, and in good faith, and we are forthright about any potential conflict of interest. We do not accept alternative facts, but we respect alternative beliefs and opinions, and we are always open to the possibility of finding common ground.

Good Product

We maintain the highest standards of excellence for our work product and client services. We prioritize quality, accuracy, punctuality, and ingenuity, and we do everything in our power to advance our clients’ interests in an ethical and responsible manner.

Good People

Our most valuable assets are our team members, and we are committed to promoting their physical and mental health and fostering their personal and professional growth. We value collaboration, mutual accountability, open communication, loyalty, and respect, both internally and with our clients.

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