Government Affairs

We have successfully advocated for cannabis laws and policies for over a decade, so we know how to get results.

Our team routinely participates in the legislative and rulemaking process, engages with government officials, and works with a wide range of stakeholders at every level of government. And because we have spent years on the front lines of cannabis policy reform, we understand the interplay between public opinion and cannabis policy, and we know how to educate and persuade decision-makers. Our decades of collective experience, unparalleled subject matter expertise, and intimate knowledge of the cannabis industry will ensure you receive superior representation.

Tight budgets can make it difficult to afford in-house government affairs teams or contract GR firms, but there will always be policymakers and regulators churning out new laws and regulations that could impact your business. Strategies 64 can serve as your fractional government affairs department to continue advancing your interests and prevent you from getting blindsided by a bad bill or rule. We also frequently collaborate with our clients’ in-house and contract public affairs teams, supplementing their proficiency in GR and PR with our expertise in marijuana policy and advocacy.

We are especially well-positioned in the following states, where we have extensive history and locally based team members.


We are headquartered in Denver and have a long history of success on cannabis policy matters. We have been working with state and local policymakers, regulators, and stakeholder groups for years, and we have a strong network of potential allies. Leaders of our firm were integral to the passage and implementation of Colorado’s adult-use legalization law and the development of its marijuana regulatory system, while another S64 team member came to us from the Denver Office of Marijuana Policy.


Our firm helped pass the adult-use legalization initiative in Massachusetts, and one of our leaders played an integral role in its implementation, managing the legislative work of the state’s Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy as it created a statutory framework for adult-use and codified much of the medical cannabis program. With multiple team members based in Boston, including a former legislator and member of the Cannabis Control Commission, we have a strong presence and network to support the development and implementation of a comprehensive government affairs strategy.

Examples of our services:

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