Communications & Public Relations

Whether you need to reach policymakers, the public, or your supporters, we can help you develop and communicate a winning message.

We have a long track record of successful communications efforts on behalf of businesses, trade associations, and nonprofits. We have also built winning ballot measure and issue campaigns from scratch, so we can advise on everything from online advocacy and website development to branding and production of educational and promotional materials.

Leaders of our firm have been engaged in cannabis-related media activities for nearly two decades, generating thousands of appearances in national, state, and local outlets. We have relationships throughout the mainstream and cannabis-specific media, and we know how newsrooms and journalists operate. We advise our clients on how to get into the news and when to stay out of it to advance their strategic objectives.

Our breadth of policy and communications services also allows us to help you develop compelling reports and white papers that we can professionally design, disseminate, and leverage for earned media and public education.

Examples of our services:

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