Cannabis Policy Adviser

The Strategies 64 Cannabis Policy Adviser is a subscription service that puts our expert insights and policy monitoring resources at your fingertips.

It is a suite of reports and trackers designed to keep professionals up to date on policy and industry developments with implications for legal cannabis markets and businesses.

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Policy & Industry Reports

Every month, we publish a Cannabis Insights Report that provides a timely review of the most important policy developments and how they might affect legal markets and cannabis businesses. It covers everything from new laws and regulatory changes, to emerging policy issues and industry trends, providing bullet-point summaries of what happened, why it matters, and what to expect next. 

Our Cannabis Opportunities Report is updated on an ongoing basis and offers a concise overview of all current, upcoming, and ongoing cannabis licensing opportunities in the U.S. It also identifies all open comment periods and notes when they close. 

We occasionally produce special reports regarding particularly timely and noteworthy subjects. These often feature summaries of specific bills or ballot measures, reviews of legislative or rulemaking sessions, and deeper dives into emerging issues. 

Legislative Tracking

Strategies 64 tracks cannabis-related legislation in all 50 states and D.C., including all bills and resolutions related to adult-use and medical marijuana; industrial hemp and consumable hemp products, including intoxicating and non-intoxicating cannabinoid products; and cannabis-adjacent issues (e.g., impaired driving, consumer rights). 

We provide our subscribers with access to the most accurate and up-to-date information as soon as it becomes available, along with insights gained from our national network of cannabis policy experts. When a relevant bill is introduced, we analyze it, identify its key aspects, and track it through every step of the process. For each piece of legislation, our customized bill trackers include: 

  • Bill number, title, and brief description 
  • Committee assignment(s) 
  • Current status and last action taken
  • Notable dates and deadlines

The Cannabis Policy Adviser offers custom cannabis legislation trackers that can be built to cover legislation related to specific states, license types, and/or a wide range of subjects. Some of the license types and subjects we track include:

Rulemaking Tracking

Our Cannabis Rulemaking Tracker covers state rules and regulations relating to commercial adult-use and medical cannabis programs across the U.S. and in D.C. It highlights which rules are under consideration, upcoming, adopted, or withdrawn. It also identifies open comment periods and notes when they close. The tracker is supplemented with our CannabisRulemaking Report, which details recent major rule adoptions, key rulemakings currently underway, and comment periods that are currently open across the U.S.

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